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Journals related to 'split transaction' of a bank payment transaction

I have a quarterly bank transaction that needs to be split between standing charges and usage based charges. The values are easily derived from the utility bill it originates in.
When I have completed the split to differing nominal account each with description, the resultant entry in the bank statement is ‘greyed’ and I get the following when I bring up the ‘Tagged’ attribute:

Everything on the journals x3 looks ok to me and any attempt to following the delete throws an imbalance.
Thank you,
Nigel Greenwood
Merseyside MRS
PS: Confirm attachment working please if you would. First attempt on this site

I’m not sure what question you’re asking here - what is the problem and what are you unable to do? Yes, it is true that the “split transaction” option is simply a shortcut to create a journal, and that once this has happened you can’t untag the transaction, you have to make changes via the journal, and it’s also true that the debits and credits in any journal must always balance - you can’t change the total on one side without making a matching change to the other side, that’s how journals are supposed to work.

However I would pick up on

and suggest that split nominal transactions might not be the best way to record this, particularly if you are VAT registered and wanting to claim back the VAT on your utility bills. Only sales invoices and “purchases” count for VAT in QuickFile so you’d be better off making a purchase out of the utility bill and then tagging the bank transactions as “payment to a supplier” -> “pay down multiple invoices…” and tag them as (part) payments against the relevant purchase(s). You can have multiple lines on a purchase each posting to a different nominal code, if you want to split the standing and usage charges on your profit and loss report.

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Hi Ian,
I fully understand the nature and balancing requirement of Journals. I also understand that within Quickfile one can delete journals and detag transactions if this might help develop a better annotation and handling approach which I have undertaken when trying to get up and running with QF.
VAT does not come into play generally as we are not VAT registered and VAT is not charged on the utility bills.
Perhaps the simplest way of approaching this issue is to ask:
How many journal entries would be required to achieve a two way split of a single bank payment transaction?

One journal with three lines, a credit for the bank account and two debits for the split expenses. This is what I’d expect the split tagging shortcut to create for you.

Money out of a bank account is indeed a credit in nominal terms, counter intuitive if you’re used to looking at the statements your bank sends to you but those represent the bank’s view of you whereas QuickFile represents your view of the bank.

The 3 line journal set is exactly what I have created. I am still trying to get to grips with the nuances of debit/credits as you describe however what is QF suggesting I should do as in my original post?

It’s not suggesting you do anything. The message is just saying that if you want to change or delete the entry then you have to do so by editing the journal rather than the usual way you would untag or delete a non-journal transaction.

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Got it and I am almost appreciating the greying out as a means of diverting one away from messing with the original transaction.
Thanks for leading me through this although complete greying of the transaction line would have been more indicative.
Now have to educate my treasurer of what it means!

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