JSON API 1.2 Not returning GoCardless details


The 1.2 api version using JSON does not return the GoCardless details, this can be replicated on the sandbox where the same call to the 1.1 api returns the correct information.



Hi @isitchecked

I’ve managed to replicate this and have reported it to our development team to investigate.

I’ll keep you posted here.

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Thanks, is there any timescale for this being released as a fix yet?

I believe this has been fixed, but I’m not sure if it’s live. Bear with me and I’ll check and come back to you shortly.

As suspected, it has been fixed but not yet live. I will liaise with our development team tomorrow and I’ll try to find out when this is expected to go live. I will update you as soon as I know more.

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@isitchecked - Apologies for the delay with this, but this is now live. Please can you give it a go and let me know if that works all OK for you?


This appears to be working now, many thanks!

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