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Am I doing something wrong or can I access the original Knowledge Base without trawling through posts from the community?

If not I am after help please could you either point me in direction of an article to help or advise. (I did also search the forum)

I have taken payment and accidentally taken too much from my client. He will not be purchasing anything further as it was a one off transaction. I have refunded through Worldpay but how do I process through QF.

Many thanks

You can go through to knowledge base by clicking “Switch to knowledge base” on the top right of the screen

Hi @westcountryepc

As @ryansb pointed out, the knowledge base can now be accessed via the forums. There is a link in the top right hand corner on the desktop version, or you can select the ‘Knowledge Base’ category on the forum on the mobile version.

If you need further help (for example, you can’t find what you need on the KB), please let me know