Krystal hosting - SMTP timed out

Similar to previous users I am unable to configure my SMTP settings. It keeps saying server time out when using Port 465. And invalid HELO name for Port 587. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Hi @Rachel_Newell

I would advise speaking with Krystal directly. We connect for 15 seconds to wait for a response from the SMTP server, but this isn’t happening in this case.

Krystal should be able to advise whether any settings can be changed on their end to help resolve this.

Hi Mathew, after a lot of backwards and forwards, Krystal have stated "Hello Rachel,

Port 465 won’t work with STARTTLS only TLS or SSL.

I can see successful connections, in order for us to see if we are blocking the connection from this application, we need to know which IP it is connecting from as it is only the IP that we would be blocking.

Kind regards,

Hi @Rachel_Newell

We’re not able to give the IP unfortunately as it changes due to the nature of our setup.

Looking at Krystal’s user guides, they seem to suggest using STARTTLS on port 587.

Something just changed at Krystal’s end and it now works! thank you for your support. It worked on Port 587. Host name:

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