Landlord Dashboard - can't set date year by typing?

I have some commercial tenants and the lease dates can be 10 yrs out. So far setting the contract date seems to need you to prgress month by month till I get to the correct one… 10 years out is a lot of mouse clicks…
How do I type it in?

Hi @brettbutcher

Can I just check, is this on the “Rent Demand” screen?

If so, I can type a date in here as normal. If you’re unable to, can you please let me know what web browser and operating system or device you’re using? For example, Google Chrome on Windows 10, or Safari on iPhone.

Hi Matthew,
No, it was in the tenancy set up screen. My wife was doing it first and ( being a geek) she asked me to look. Most ui elements allow the ability to set the year by clicking on the top bar or something similar. I do think which JS libs you are using but this is a really simple ux issue that should be pretty obvious tbh.

Hi @brettbutcher

Hmm, that certainly is strange.

We’ve managed to replicate it on our end, and brought it to the attention of the development team. Hopefully a fix will be implemented for this soon, but we’ll update this thread with any news.

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Hello @brettbutcher

The development team have advised this issue should now be resolved