Late Payment of VAT

Do anyone know how to submit a VAT return if a late payment notification is issued. I can’t seem to create a new vat return

Hi @willie2303

Are you on MTD (Making Tax Digital) for VAT?

Yes I’m on MTD. There is no option to file the late vat return under the reports tab. When I try to create a new report I get a message to say I must first connect to my HMRC Tax Account

Thanks for confirming.

To use MTD, you will need to link your HMRC and QuickFile accounts. If you go to Reports >> HMRC, you will be able to do this here.

Any outstanding or recently submitted periods for VAT will then be shown for you. These are supplied directly by HMRC.

I’m redirected to the HMRC webpage but when I log in and check I’m already linked.

You still there Matthew?

Hi @willie2303

What happens when you click “Continue” on that screen? Do you see any success or error messages?

Hi Matthew. problem solved. I have to get authority regranted. I am now able to load my file and submit my VAT return. Thanks for your support. Merry xmas