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Layout issue - blue line down left hand side not showing on PDF


I created an estimate and changed the layout in the ‘Invoice Style Gallery’.
I found one I like and even managed to shift the word Quote (changed from Estimate) to the left!!

However the layout when seen in the Gallery, shows a vertical blue line on the left border, but then I preview the actual Quote this is not showing. Is this a bug in the system?

Thank you!

I would have added a screenshot for clarity but this option is not available.

Hi @Mimi

Because of the way the blue line is added, it’s only available in the web version and not the PDF version.

If you’re sending links to your clients to view their invoices within your QuickFile account, then this should show up fine for them.

Thanks Mathew, understood.
I went into the Client record and cannot see where to add the email. I can see if I create a new client there is a client contact secion where to insert the client but I cant see this when I edit a client that has already been set up. Am I being blind?

Hi @Mimi

If you go into view the client then you can add the contact details from that screen:

Ahhh, there it is! Thank you Beth :slight_smile: x


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