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Less confusing use of the word "Tag"

I know this has come up before, but I can’t find a recent discussion on this.

This week I was trying to encourage a colleague to use Quickfile for his accounts. He is not particularly commuter savvy, nor very familiar with accounting. I was trying to reassure him that Quickfile was easy and friendly, but ended up confusing him thoroughly by the ambiguous use of “tagging”, which refers both to the act of linking a transaction from his bank feed to an invoice or purchase, but also to the act of assigning an invoice or purchase to a project. I had to take him through the difference a number of times, and I’m fairly sure he’s still confused.

Can I suggest a renaming, using “allocate” to the first of these - bank transaction to invoice/purchase - and “project” for apportioning a sale or purchase to a cost centre. Or any other terms that you might think suitable, as long as they are distinct from each other.


Can I just thank you most sincerely and add my support for this suggestion - I thought it was just me and I did not understand the term ‘Tag’ correctly - ‘allocate’ makes far more sense to me. Well done for raising it.

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Same here! Should be ‘link’ or ‘allocate’ as @DavidW mentioned