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Letter CSS Customisation

just like with the invoices can we have the ability to customise what information appears on the letters and how the letters style is ie where address appear logo etc?

You mean full CSS customisation? It’s possible I’ll leave it open for others to add their vote.

That be nice feature but not what i mean glenn, like invoice you can select what to put into the invoice form invoice customisation page and you can change the theme/style of the invoice layout something like that is what i mean

I don’t think we would go to that extent with letters, as it’s not really a core part of an accounting system. There is already a limited set of options here.

Adding some sort of CSS control would be an option and that would give you a great deal more in terms of the format, typography and general layout. This would probably get bundled into the Advanced Customisation tool.



Just a note in support of the above request whenever possible. My intention not being the total customisation but the ability to reposition the Logo.


I second this. The ability to remove the company details AND the logo is necessary. Otherwise it is not possible to print letters using the company letterhead that obviously has the logo.