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Letter from HMRC saying they have not received VAT Return

Submitted my first VAT Return using Quickfile on 1st April. It is showing up as SUBMITTED with an ID reference number. I paid over the amount due to HMRC using my VAT registration number on the same date.

I have now received a letter from HMRC saying they have not received my VAT Return. I have written back (there seems no other option to contact them?) showing copies of the VAT Return, submission status, ID number and bank account entry.

Is there any thing else I should do?

Appreciate your support on this - my first dealings with HMRC on VAT - not enjoying it!

Hi @marcus.elwes,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems.

There are a few other ways to contact HMRC - you can phone them and I believe there is an online chat (When it is available)


You may be best to call them to double check.

The ID reference that is displayed on QuickFile is just what HMRC have sent back so if it hadn’t gone through you wouldn’t have the reference.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

Have you registered with HMRC for MTD (or “VAT through software” as they sometimes call it)? And how did you set up QuickFile for VAT submissions - by entering your government gateway username and password directly into the QuickFile settings or by “connecting” your HMRC tax account?

The username and password fields in QuickFile are for the older pre-MTD online submission service, but once you’ve registered at HMRC for MTD they won’t accept old style submissions any longer. The old service still appears to accept your submissions but they don’t actually get processed.

I’ve seen some posts from people on here saying this happened to them but they got an email notification within a few days of the submission telling them to resubmit via MTD instead.

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Hi @marcus.elwes,

Did you manage to get this resolved with HMRC?

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