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Letters - Remove Country from senders address

I am aware that Quickfile is designed for businesses based within the UK but at the moment I am based in France. I have changed my address in “Company Settings” which updates my address in “Letters” but United Kingdom is appended to my address.

Is there way to suppress “United Kingdom” appearing in my address in “Letters”?

Something similar to the CSS script provided for Remove Country from addresses (Sales Invoices).

Letters sent using “Send Letter by Snail Mail” is not suitable to use without the removal of United Kingdom. I still would like to use this facility for sending out correspondence to addresses in the UK and for letters to other countries being printed and sent the old fashioned method with a stamp, but without the suppression of “United Kingdom” the letters module has no use.

Hi Alan,

I believe the country name only shows when the sender and receipient’s country is different. There is no CSS control for letters as there is for invoices so we’d need to find another way.

I believe we can simply remove the country name entirely and then if a user wants to add it back they can append it to the custom text that sits below the address. We can have that updated in the next release.


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