Letters to secondary contact

When I’m writing a letter and selected the client, it automatically populates the content with “Dear xxxxx xxxxx” and states the primary account holder. However, I need to write one to one of the other contacts on the account. Is this possible?

Also, we’re writing letters for the future to remind people of certain services (e.g. this service is due for renewal etc.). If I put the date as one in the future, will this act as a schedule?

Thanks in advance!

Yes all that’s happening here is it’s pre-populating the letter body with the name of the default contact, you just need to overwrite this with the name of the contact you wish to address the letter to.

It won’t act as a schedule, as in it won’t automatically send the letter. You would need to initiate this yourself.

Thanks for getting back to me Glenn. A scheduler would be a great idea (sort of like the overdue reminders). Although I understand your work load, so will implement another version of this my end :smile:

Thank you once again

We are trying not to verge to much into CRM territory as this is a huge area in itself and something that we don’t have the resources to deliver right now (or at least in an effective way). We are however looking at some form of integration with a 3rd party application, there’s a discussion on this here…


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