Letters - unable to attach invoice?

In the summery one letter is sent the other is a draft why done it show as such ?

In one letter I attached invoices and in the other i cant , why?

Hi @pelican

We don’t show the status for any of the letters on this page, but we do show the status of all letters in the Snail Mail Manager which can be found in your account settings (Account Settings >> All Settings):

This page will show you any letters that have been queued, sent, dispatched or declined:

Would I be correct in thinking that the one you can’t attach a letter to is a supplier? Invoice attachments are only supported with client letters I’m afraid.

I hope this helps.

both examples are suppliers why did it work with one and not the other?

I’ve located your account and taken a quick look, and I can confirm that one of the letters is going to a client, and one to a supplier.

If both were clients, the option to attach a statement, invoice or estimate would be available.

I hope this helps.

they are both suppliers - purchases, and not sales is there another issue here potentially ?

I can see two letters on your account. I won’t go into specifics as it’s a public forum, however, one letter is for a client, and one for a supplier:

  • Letter created 12/11/2017 - To a supplier
  • Letter created 04/01/2017 - To a client

If you go to Account Settings >> Tools >> Letters, you will see these 2 letters listed. Clicking on the Recipient’s name will show their details (and they type - Client/Supplier).

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my mistake, so can make queries by system to supplier but not attach the document being questioned, is this something that might be useful?

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