Letting Agent Loan Account

Hi There
we use you guys for our small letting agency. We are trying to set it up as per your guide on using quickfile for a letting agency, and how you say to use a loan account for each property.

We started to create the loan account for each property, but, have hit a limit, we now cannot see the new loan accounts in the list, we still have the + symbol to add more loan accounts, but, they do not show in the list on the bank view page.

Is there another view? should hte loan account list be a scrollable div or something?

Our account is : ****481597


Hi @visumgroup

I’ve located your account and taken a quick look, but everything appears to show there for me on the bank management page. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place?

hi, thanks for looking.

If you see on the loan accounts, yes, some are there but not all, for instance, I just added one, “Yarwell Square: 19” (the list is alpha order) and it does not appear, so, new ones we are adding are not appearing in the list.


Thanks for the information. I’ve just taken a quick look and queried this with one of our developers. This should now be showing as normal - please can you check and confirm?

thanks, i think its working now, but the list is not alphabetical, not in the bank account view, or, in the drop down select list on bank transfer, it would be much much easier to use if the list was alpha, not sure if you can add the order by, would be great.
thanks again for super fast response

At the moment it’s ordered by nominal code. We can certainly consider changing this, but would like to see more support from the community. As you can imagine, when something is changed after being the same way for a few years it may throw a few people off

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