Limited by Guarantee Company Formations Service

We are likely to incorporate and become a company Limited by Guarantee as we are a not for profit organisation.

I notice in the standard information that we are supplied with Memorandum and Articles of Association. I am presuming that we can modify these to suit our specific circumstances

Please could you confirm

With the Limited by Guarantee service you will be prompted to declare the objects of the company, this is usually a series of sentences/paragraphs to set out exactly what activities the company will engage in. You can be as broad or as specific as you like.

Along with your objects we will adopt the model memorandum and articles of association for Limited by Guarantee companies. There are a few amendments within these articles.

If you require further modification of the articles beyond the objects I would recommend you call our sister company The Company Wizard (0207 937 6678) for further guidance on this, it is possible to use fully bespoke articles but there is usually an additional charge (£10 from memory) for the articles to be verified and uploaded to the system in the correct format.

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