Limited company Fuel expenses


I’m the director of my own limited company and went on trips to see my manufacturers/buyers with my own car. I paid the petrol with my business debit card and recorded the transaction in quickfile under:
Supplier: ASDA
Category: Fuel and Oil (MOTOR)
Description: Petrol, trip to xxx address
VAT 20%

And write a note, at the bottom, of the number miles travelled.

Is my method correct?


I’m not an accountant but it looks to me as if you have mixed up 2 types of expense.

I think doing fuel receipts like that is for a company vehicle where the fuel used is entirely for business use in a business vehicle.

However, you have used your own car so you are entitled to mileage expenses of 45p for the first 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter for cars which is (supposed!) to include all fuel, insurance, purchase and all other running costs. Claiming mileage usually works out much better for you as you have lots of other expenditure on your personal vehicle than just the fuel.

I do a mileage form in Excel for each month of travel and then just put through a purchase to myself as a director at the end of each month. I think Glenn has written a knowledgebase article about mileage expenses somewhere.

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Here it is:

Although I do mine slightly differently.

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Thanks a lot for you reply! I will do this from now on.

Does it mean that all refuelling must be done with my personal debit card and not the business one?

I used my business debit card to pay for two tanks of fuel already and recorded it in quickfile, what can I do to correct it?


Tag any personal transactions using a business debit card as drawings.

Thank you!
I tagged them as a bank transfer to director’s loan account.
Next time I’ll use my personal card and claim 45p per mile…


I have just started using quickfile, and just started doing my accounts, towards the end of my first year as a ltd company. I had not realised that I should do milage like this, so have entered five purchases for deisel from the DLA.

Is it OK for me to simply delete these and the associated payments from the system. This does mean that the #QF000… numbers will no longer be sequential. Is this an issue?

Also, what happens with toll roads, is this also covered in the mileage system. Or should they still be entered?