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Line breaks skipped on terms section of trading style invoices

Pretty much as per the title. Same notes copy pasted between trading styles.

Trading style invoice above, no trading style applied below.

Hi @Lurch

Can I just clarify how you’re copying the terms between the styles please? Is it through the “Clone Template” option, or is it a literal copy and paste?

Either way, how do they appear on the invoice editing screen compared to the final output, e.g. are the line breaks there?

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I don’t remember exactly as it was 6 months ago I created the profiles. I did use the ‘clone template’ option to create the trading styles so if this copies invoice notes as well then that will probably be how I did it.

Yes, line breaks are there on both in the invoice settings page. Both payment terms boxes are identically displayed.

@QFMathew I have exactly this problem. Just created a new trading style to link a new invoice template to certain customers as the payment bank details are different for them. The only difference in the invoice template is the payment terms. The standard template was cloned and the account numbers in the payment terms text for the new invoice template were updated manually. The payment terms text in the template seems fine with multiple text lines, but the invoices created from it do not have the line breaks in the terms text, it appears as just one single text string. I’ve tried re-entering the entire text manually but cannot fix the problem. The original template works fine. Can you help? I don’t want to have to manually amend every invoice generated to make it readable…

To fix it just add a <br> where you want the line breaks to appear (i.e. at the end of each line in the preview page).

Just to add to clarify this, this is a temporary workaround until the bug is fixed, this is not the actual fix for the bug.

Thanks for the response.

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