Line by line entry showing transaction and vat chargeable or payable


I import the bank feed every day and then allocate invoices/purchases based on the entries - then tag each entry based on whether it is vatable or not.

Is there a report I can view which shows each link in the bank report with columns depicting VAT charged
or vat reclaimed on a per line basis?

There is a way of viewing the VAT on an Invoice by Invoice basis but not via a bank transaction basis.


That might work. Is this a report I can publish so that I can see invoice date, nett amount and vat amount?
I don’t want to open every single invoice to do this


It is not a report as such, it is just the invoice list - you can add/remove columns to show the VAT column. If you wish you can then export this information and download as a CSV.

Thanks. How do I add/remove columns?
I have clicked on “show all sales” - not sure if this is the invoice list you are referring to?

Ignore, found the modify columns button (sorry, very hard to see on my screen!)

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Very hard to see on everybody’s screen, it’s not just you :wink:

Anything in the pipeline to make these buttons more Visible? :slight_smile: