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Something has changed with the line order of the purchase orders, now if i write out a PO, save and go back and change it even though I can + the line I want it automatically moves to the bottom once it saves. Is there a way for me to choose the order?

Please see attached pictures which hopefully show what is happening:

Image 1) In editor mode - dates in order
Image 2) Once edits have been saved, added line moved to the bottom!

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Hi @charlotte

We’ve never supported line ordering for POs or PIs. You can order on the intial creation, but when you later edit the PO, any new item just gets appended to the list.

I do however think we can support this and we’ll create an internal request to get this added. I’ll mark as a planned feature for now and we’ll provide further updates in due course.

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Thanks Glenn, I could have sworn I used to be able to move them around!!

You can when you first create a PO, just not on subsequent edits.

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