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Link 2 accounts in affinity

Is there a way to link to accounts within my affinity programme?

Hi @jhanks1170

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to link QuickFile accounts with or without an Affinity account. They can only be connected to an Affinity account.

Was there something in particular you were trying to do? Perhaps we can suggest another way?

I have a client who halfed his business into two sectors one being sole trader and other limited but what he forgot to do was get a card machine to take his sales through 2 separate machines but he didn’t he used his sole trader account to pull in his card sales for his limited part of the company but i want to transfer the sales from sole trader to limited but he hasn’t got the money from the sales hes taken now as he spent it on business to transfer the money from sole trader accounts to ltd.Is there a way that he can show his limited sales by doing a journal from sole trader to limited??any help would be great .Thanks. I’m stuck on this one he says its only 6048 worth of sales from July 15 to Aug 16 .

I’m afraid to say that wouldn’t be possible as the accounts of each are independent.

I think something like the following would be OK, providing you have sufficient evidence to show that the income is for the one business rather than the other.

  1. On the ST account, reduce the incoming amount to reflect only what that business took (e.g. out of the £6,000, if it only took £2,000, then only show it as £2,000 coming in).
  2. Create the balancing entry on the other account (in this example, £4,000 to make the £6,000 in total), and treat them as separate.

The other way to do it (although I would seek advice from someone more qualified than me on doing this before proceeding), would be to perhaps have the one business invoice the other. It’s certainly possible to link the accounts that way. There’s more on this feature at the link below:

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