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Link expense to invoice


Hi, I am new to quick file. I’m not sure if this is common knowledge but I can’t find it anywhere on the forum.

Is there a way to link a travel expense to an invoice? I thought it would be handy if you could select an invoice and it would show you the expense that was linked to it.

Any help appreciated.



The way to group sales and purchase invoices is to use project tags.

This is designed on the assumption that you will wish to associate many transactions. There isn’t to my knowledge a way to do a direct 1-2-1 mapping between one sale and one purchase.

Different people will use project tagging for different requirements, not just for “projects” in the dictionary sense. As a magazine publisher I use it to associate all the sales and purchases for a particular issue.

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There’s the rebilling method, although I don’t think this technically links them as such.