Link for client control panel

Is there an easy way to generate a link to the clients control panel that I can copy and send in a normal email not via the QF system?
Hunted around and can’t find it.
Thanks !

Hello @Paul

You would just send them your unique login link for your company (e.g.

This is the same one you use to log in.

When they log in with their details they will be redirected to their client panel.

Thanks !
Though what I am looking for is a link that takes the client straight there - in the same way “Impersonate client” works or their invoice links

You can copy one of the client-facing invoice links and send them that - navigate to the relevant invoice, click the “send” button at the top, and underneath the send by email/snail mail options is a text field with the invoice link. Copy that, and paste it into your email, and the client will then be able to follow that link to go to that invoice, and from there navigate to their own control panel.

I’m not aware of any way to generate a link to the top-level control panel that works without requiring them to know their password and log in, it has to be a link to a specific invoice.

Ok thanks for the clarification.

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