Link on contact

It would be great if you could place links on contacts when you are reading a message (received by email)

Another useful addition might be to show the name folded by (company name) in brackets.

Small suggestions that would just help avoid me having to go search for them. I just realised you can click back and there is a link on the contact there which goes back to the company but there would be no harm also having the link within the message.


Hi @sean1

I just want to be clear where you’re referring to - are you able to give me some indication to the pages you’re referring to please?

Sorry I missed your reply.

When you receive an email from Quickfile and click on ‘click here to view and reply’ it takes you to the message that the client has sent you. The problem being if you dont know every customer by name it can get confusing as it only shows their name and their message with no link back to the actual customer account.

Thanks for clarifying. We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their comments, and will update if anything is changed here.