Link to reporting software

OK, so I posted something similar on the Facebook post regarding Quickfile being up for an award…and rightly so as it’s a hidden gem.

As an accountant in practice I recommend Quickfile to all my clients. It’s easy to understand, navigate and correct errors or mispostings. The app has come on leaps and bounds recently and I’m loving the affinity linking.

As many accountants move away slightly from the compliance work into advisory we need to be able to extract the data to be able to prepare reports, graphs etc that we can use when advising clients. I accept that Quickfile will produce graphs internally etc but they are rudimentary at best and I for one would vote for either:

A) a dashboard / reporting function like some other software has eg Freeagent or preferably

B) a facility to export the data on a one-off (extracted by specific csv) or integrated basis (flowing daily, weekly, monthly) with links to popular reporting software such as Liveplan, Spotlight, Futrli

Is anything on the roadmap for something like this ?

Can this be done now via Zapier ?

Many thanks and keep up the good work !

Ihave used two approaches:

  1. I have written api code in excel to pull out the data I require into a spreadsheet and then report on this
  2. I use the backup which is in csv format and then use this as a data source - using Microsoft Flow I can save the attachement from the email and unzip it into a fixed location