Link to show all and outstanding client invoices

Is there a simple way to go directly to the outstanding invoices for a customer once in their dashboard. At the moment I am having to use the Advanced Search to achieve that and whilst that works fine it uses a lot of clicks :wink:


See the following link on the dashboard:

A statement view would also show all outstanding invoices for the client.

Yes, thanks, however, when there are payments that link disappears? What I’m after is a list of outstanding invoices similar to the main o/s list under the Sales drop down menu that I can take action (receive payment, view inv etc.) per customer.

Am just aiming for as slick as poss!


I’m a little confused…the screenshots I supplied show how your client can view their outstanding invoices. Are you looking for a report that you can use to see outstanding invoices by client?

Is this information for you or your client?

For me, sorry… Peter B

Oh, when you said client dashboard I assumed you were referring to where your clients login :smile:

At the moment you can get a quick summary of outstanding invoices by following the balance links on the table.

We will be updating the table in the bottom right shortly to reveal links for “outstanding invoices” and “all invoices”. I think that will solved the problem.

That will be brilliant, thanks. PB

Take a look at the new client detail screen. I say “new” it’s hardly changed :smile:

But you will now see two links to show all and outstanding invoices, hope that helps!

That’s excellent, exactly what I was hoping for!

Very many thanks, PB

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