Link with eBay to sync sales and payments

Hi @Si-L

There are no updates to share at this time I’m afraid. But please rest assured that as soon as there are any updates, we’ll post them here.

I found this post in a different article and think it is also good to post it here because that’s very good news and I think a lot of people will look forward to this integration:

I can confirm it’s happening, but as above “very early stages”

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Ebay-Paypal & QF setup worked perfect for us for last few years. All sales will tied up exactly as they should & fee tied to Paypal. Now we are facing problem with Ebay managed payments as they have decided to remove Paypal. Although our number of trasnactions are few & we can cope up right now being our first month, but yes I will definitley like to see something automated here. Creating various bank accounts is not ideal, so looking forwrad to QF feature to deal with this issue.

Exciting news for all ebay users:


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