Link with eBay to sync sales and payments

Will you be adding the same feature as you do with the paypal feed?
i.e linking direct to ebay pulling the sales in, So all my/our sales from eBay will be added to sales invoices (but with better descriptions than what it does for paypal feed descriptions)

Although paypal will still be an option to pay that way so avoiding duplicates will been to be a factor…


Hi @Si-L

There are no plans at the moment, but we’ll certainly monitor the interest in this feature here.

This may explain more…

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I’ve just had the invitation to eBay Managed Payments (which I’m ignoring) if they force me to switch any time soon I’m really pooping myself as to how I’m going to manage to record the transactions in QF.

I love the PayPal feed and really, REALLY hope you can do something similar with eBay managed payments. I’d happily stick some money in the QF Dev’s Christmas pot if this could happy quickly.

We just looking at moving to kashflow / quickbooks (among others) as from what i can work out they at least link with ebay, so it’s a start…

Hi @FTTrading @Si-L

This is currently being looked into, in terms of feasibility. We’ll keep you posted.

With Kashflow and QuickBooks they use an intermediary to pull Ebay data. KashFlow use ConnectMyApps which you’d need to licence separately. You can effectively achieve the same thing with Zapier.

It seems Ebay are rolling out Managed Payments this year and they have a brand new API that developers can use to retrieve transaction and payout information.

It may be possible for us to build a direct link to the Managed Payments API, although there is quite a bit of work needed to set that up, so we’d need to see reasonable demand.

Having a user already on the new Managed Payments platform would be a great start, so if you are in that position please PM me or @QFSupport and we can look at potentially working with you to build a feed.

Getting desperate, just had this email from eBay :sob: They are forcing sellers to move !

eBay already manages payments for thousands of sellers. Time’s flying by and you only have a few weeks left to register for managed payments.
This is your third reminder that your account will be enabled starting late July - please register by July 15 . If you miss the registration deadline, from late July, we will start to restrict your ability to create new listings .

Hi @FTTrading

Thanks for the update. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes here, although I can’t provide any timelines or guarantees at the moment.

You can in the meantime either log bulk sales or import a CSV of the data from eBay. Please let us know if you need any help with this when the time comes.

Integration needed now

Hi Brian_Brand,
It is may an idea to use zapier in the meantime. Have a look on this link:

I don’t use ebay, so I can not say how good it is, but I use zapier for Stripe and square to connect to quickfile and it is working very good, and easy to setup. Zapier is not cheap if you have more than 100 tasks per month but it depends on the work you save it is may worth to check it out.

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Hi @QFMathew,

I have sent you a PM, I have been enrolled on Managed Payments, the CSV they provide doesn’t lend itself to the QF statement import process, it has 1 column for money in and 2 for money out (2 types of fees are taken).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi there. I have noticed that also… The “normal” Create a download request has better info init… for importing via csv, but nothing about the fees… however with the fees been vat-able we must somewhere be given a invoice for it… whether it’s on the normal monthly one saying already paid, who knows yet… I know QF said they will hopefully get the api sorted for it which then should make sense of it all…

What you can do, is open the csv in excel, move one of the out columns to the other so they are in one column, then save and import that and select “other” as the bank import type.

With regards to the vat aspect, you can simply create purcahae invoices for the fees including the vat and just tag the transactions to it.

I use my website (Stripe, Paypal, Bank Transfer options) Amazon and Ebay.
Ebay is essentially now like Amazon and will run as a merchant account.
How I have handled Amazon for most of the last 5 years might seem a bit clunky to some but in essense it’s the way I will handle Ebay.
I split Amazon in to 3 customer accounts and one supplier.
The 3 customers are Amazon UK, Amazon EU and Amazon International to represent the 3 different tax treatments.
Each day I record sales as follows.
Amazon UK Customer 5 x Orders £183.00
Amazon EU Customer 1 x Order £43.07
Amazon International Customer 1 x Order £55.03 (0% VAT)
and then on the supplies side I consolidate all the fees and log as 7 x Fees = £42.01

It works for me. It isn’t ideal, but short of a feed as we can have for banks and paypal I had to do something I could manage.

I have all the faith in QF getting the job done right with ebays api’s…
and as FTTrading mentioned, I would also be happy to pay for it, if it was say a add-on to QF… Lets face it someone at QF has to spend the time & money sorting it all out in the 1st place…

But it’s hows things should be in this day and age with all the computing power… not having to find ways round… (it just needs the time & money in the 1st place as like everything :roll_eyes:)

Is there any update on this API please?
I just spoke with eBay, there is no way back to using PayPal instead of eBay managed payments. According to eBay, the 5 year agreement that they had with Paypal to be their payment provider ended last month, so it looks like managed payments will bo coming for everyone.

I also need to use that integration. If it can be added as functionality I can pay it. There is a connector plugin for it but I am not sure it can work correctly or not.

Are we getting any closer?? :grinning:

Dreading managed payments when it comes to me, but when it does I’ll handle it the same as Amazon.

Create an Ebay Managed Payments Account, import the sales csv every day to the account which will take care of the sales side of things. As for the selling fees which are taken for at point of sale but only invoiced once a month - wait for the monthly invoice then create a purchase invoice for those fees - tag the equivalent payment from the Ebay Managed Payments Account.

And obviously payments made from ebay to me, would just be tagged as a transfer to my current account. Job done.

I do know that the monthly invoice also includes fees that are paid monthly rather than at point of sale (such as shop subscription, promoted listings etc), and they apparently would be paid direct from my bank account, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to split the invoice payment from the correct accounts.

Of course a feed would be easier, so another in favour of this

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