Linked customer accounts

I am an accountant and have a number of clients
2 of my clients use QuickFile

When Number 1 user logs in I receive an email stating that I am the owner of log in 1 and the client of log in 2
I need to unlink these accounts ASAP as this email showing log in 2 name is going to client 1

Please get back to me ASAP

Thank you in advance

Hi @lisaefc

I’m not sure I follow with this, sorry. Where are they logging in?

From reading your post, it sounds like they’re trying to log in on the main QuickFile website rather than their individual account, which is what generates an email listing all accounts they have access to, either as a team member or as a client.

Thank you for your reply
Yes it is ok for them to attempt to log into their account but I want to detach my other clients name from being on the email that is sent to them

This isn’t about them being your clients. The way QuickFile works if you want to log in then you have to go to the particular URL for the business to which you are trying to log in. The email you’re referring to is generated when instead of going to a user tries to use the “login” link on the main homepage - the form on there asks you for an email address and then sends you an email with a list of somebusiness links for all of the different QuickFile accounts on which they are either an administrator or a client (i.e. a customer of that business).

So all this email means is that your-client number 1 is a customer of your-client number 2, as well as having their own QuickFile account for their own business. The “problem” if there is one is that that email is going to you rather than to them.

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Client 1 has their own email and password
And client 2 has their own email and password

I no longer do client 1’s accounts. But when they log into their accounts they receive an email thats says do they want to log in to client 1 or client 2

I need to detach client 2 from their account ASAP

I don’t understand why they are attached anyways as they have their own log in emails and passwords.

I set them up on my computer which may be why they are attached. But I need to disconnect them ASAP

Hi @lisaefc

In the email they have received, what does is say exactly? The email should say something like “You’re the owner” or “You’re a client” next to the business name.

It sounds to me like there are two businesses here that both use QuickFile for their accounts, for the sake of argument let’s call them Angie’s Cafe ( and Bob the Baker ( They each have an administrator login on their respective QuickFile sites to do their own accounts, but Angie also buys cakes from Bob for her cafe so as well as her admin login on angiescafe she also has a client login on bakerbob so she can see the invoices that Bob sends her.

What’s happening is that Angie is trying to “log in” to instead of, which causes it to send her an email asking which of the two sites she meant to use - is she trying to do her own accounts or is she trying to pay Bob for last month’s cakes.

The “fix” is to explain to Angie that she needs to bookmark instead of

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Yes this makes sense. Bob the builder does work for angies cafe

So can you just confirm that bob the builder can not log into angies cafe account and view the data other then invoices they need to pay and visa versa?


Providing the email states “You are a client”, then yes, that’s correct. They will only be able to log in and view any invoices, estimates and statements relating to them as a client.

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