Linked journals suddenly appearing

I have a number of recurring journals set up and that has always worked well for me. For some reason some of these are now appearing as linked/reversing journals, which I can’t get rid of.

In the journal it says: This is a ‘reversing’ or ‘linked’ journal, it can only be edited or removed from the parent journal.

But when I go into the parent journal I get the message: This journal is in a locked period and cannot be modified. If you need to modify this journal please check and remove any year-end journals that are locking this period.

I am not aware of having done anything of the sort and I have not closed any period recently, and in fact when I try setting up a new recurring journal this also sometimes seems to turn into a reversing journal by itself.

Any advice on how I can deal with this ?

Hi @mandycooper

A linked/recurring journal is either one that’s been set up as part of the ‘auto reverse’ process, or a recurring profile (in a similar way to how an invoice can be auto-recurring).

When you create a journal, you will see something similar to this (the pink arrow option will only show after saving):

The Pink arrow is the option to create a recurring journal which can be used for regular journals such as depreciation.

The Black arrow shows the auto-reverse option. Whatever you enter below will be re-created and reversed on the date you enter. This is useful for opening/closing stock balances and other similar journals.

It’s likely that when you created a journal, you selected on of these options, perhaps not intentionally.

The first thing to do would be to check the parent journals to see if these settings have been enabled, and if they’re not required, disable them. This would prevent any further journals being created.

If they are in a locked period, you will need to move the account lock date in your account settings (Account Settings >> All Settings >> Account Lock Date).

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any further queries.

but I have had this particular journal in as a recurring journal ever since July 2015 and the only close I have done is for 5/4/2016 - that was at least 6 months ago. I worked fine for a while after that but now the system seems to be creating a reversing journal instead.

I’ll send you a private message to get some more information from you, and hopefully see what’s going on. Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

I also noticed a similar problem with a journal, a reversal just appeared of a journal that I had created BEFORE the reversal feature was available.
I only noticed it when the balance sheet was missing its corporation tax then i discovered the corp tax journal had a second journal that had reversed it.

I opened the original journal spotted and deleted the reversal date which removed the reverse journal. Somehow the system automatically entered a date as i have never used the reversal feature, or I unknowingly entered a date when updating the corp tax entries

Maybe a confirmation/warning popup is required before the reversal date is set and an indication against each journal on the journals page that have a reversal set?

Hi @George_H

Will send you a private message to get some details from you shortly.

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