Linking a Supplier and a Client

Hi all,

Apologies firstly if this has been discussed, however, in my line of business, a supplier and a client are often the same person. Instead of paying each other for the total amount, we settle for the difference. It would be great if on the client/supplier dashboard it would combine the 2 and show me a summary. I am not sure if, firstly it is possible to link the 2 as one account and 2ndly how to go about doing so.

Thanks in advance.

This is not currently supported, you can enter your supplier and client separately in the appropriate places but there’s no way to link the two records. I’ve converted this to a “feature” so that it may be considered later on in our development plan.

You may find the following posting useful:

I need a way for authors to see what they’ve spent with me, and what I’ve paid in royalties - so this is an essential function for me.

Assuming I have duplicate records for them as both supplier and client, can I set up an API or another automated method of extracting the information and consolidating it elsewhere?