Linking bank to quickfile for payments

HI there, I was wondering if anyone can help me with regards to the below question.

I have so many supplier invoices that i need to pay and currently i am having to manually go onto my online banking to pay each supplier, is there a way on quickfile that can make things easier whereby when my supplier invoice is due it will be linked to my bank and it will automatically pay the invoice rather than me having to make a bank transfer each time?

many thanks

Hello @craigtayhotel

Unfortunately QuickFile doesn’t have the option to make payments from within the software itself.

We do however have a report which could total things up for you by supplier, if that would make it easier? See the Batch Supplier Report in this post: New Statement of Cash Flows, Batch Supplier Payment Reports and more

Thanks , is there any way i can pay my supplier more easily through the quickfile ?

The only way you would be able to pay your supplier would be if your supplier uses QuickFile themselves, and has an online payment method enabled (e.g. PayPal, Stripe or GoCardless).

Are you aware if any of them do currently use QuickFile?

Can you explain how i can do this , is there a charge for using this ?

There is no charge from us.

If your supplier is using QuickFile, they can push their invoices straight into your account and give you the option to pay them too.

When viewing your supplier, you should see this option on the left hand side:

Clicking that will ask for an email address:


If they have an account with us, we’ll send them an invite to link their account with you, otherwise we’ll invite them to start using QuickFile.

Any linked invoices will then have a “Pay Online” option in the More Options menu for that invoice, providing that supplier supports it.

If they either don’t have a QuickFile account, or have a payment method set up, this won’t be possible.

There’s a more detailed guide here: How to link two QuickFile accounts

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