Linking in to Experian Credit Check

Hi I am think of subscribing to Experian Business Credit Check to check on credit worthiness of Companies we supply. One of the thinks it shows about companies is how long they take to make payment. This information is gathered from accounts packages used by companies who already trade with the companies we are checking. Experian say that their system links in with Sage & Quickbooks but I wanted to know if Quickfile can also link with Experian? Hope this makes sense.

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Hello @Forestman

This isn’t something that’s supported at the moment, but we can certainly consider it. I’ve moved your post to the “Feature” category and will leave it open for other users to add their comments.

i have experian credit checking reports.

is it possible to link to that service to see their credit rating on a company
links are like this but need a login first

just thought id ask incase something exists.

Hi @magnacom

This isn’t possible at the moment I’m afraid, but I’ve moved your post the existing feature request thread.