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Linking many currencies in Revolut

Trying to get going here…. When linking my Revolut account I am allowed to link one of the currencies. When I make another bank account and try to link another currency I am told that bank account is already linked. How do I link all the currencies held under the same Revolut bank accout?

Hi Rory,

When you make the link to your bank you need to grant access to all of the accounts you want to show in QuickFile - once you’ve set up a connection you are unable to set up another so you would need to remove your current connection to make sure that you’ve selected all of the accounts with the one link.


Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

I’m getting there, Beth.
The trick was to set up individual Bank Accounts for all the currencies in my Revolut, but in the ‘Account Number’ box to put in anything, but the actual account number because it will be rejected as being ‘Allready existing’. My mistake was to think that not being able to set up a bank account with the same bank account number as another meant that there must be some other magic way for all the currencies to be imported.

Hi @Rory

Glad you’ve sorted it :slight_smile:

…and just a note for other struggling beginners….
If you left out (or added another) currency from Revolut I had to ‘Revoke’ the Revolut connection which is found in ‘New Bank Feeds’ ‘+Connect another bank’. You will then see a list of all connected banks and accounts in each one. To add another Revolut currency I ‘Revoked’ the whole permission, then set it all up again with the new currency included. I was then presented with a ‘Link your Feeds’ screen to reconnect all the currencies to their respective bank accounts.

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For anyone else reading this - the account number is optional when you create a bank account in QuickFile. It’s only there for your own reference and doesn’t have any functional purpose. The key thing if you want to be able to link a feed is the bank name, as the feed linking process will only offer accounts where the bank name matches the feed you’re trying to connect.

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