Linking QF accounts if on affinity

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How do i push invoices into another account if they are both on my affinity programme as client owns three companies and trades with them?

Hi @jhanks1170

They would ideally need to be linked from the client side (as in their account). As they are accounts attached to your Affinity profile, you could link them yourself if you wanted to, by following the guide here

As always, please let me know if you need any help with this.

i have tried that but as its affinity i can not get it to work the three companies are xxxxxxx is the suppliers and two clients as xxxxxxxxx and pop up pub also named as the xxxxxxxxx. Can you help?

Hi @jhanks1170

Are the supplier and clients linked to your Affinity profile?

its a client of mine the account number is 1102401118 but i set it up and i am only over seeing the bookkeeping and vat returns

The linking of invoices can only be done from within a QuickFile account, not an Affinity account.

If you have access to their QuickFile account, you can link a supplier to a Client’s account using the guide I linked to above.

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