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Linking QF accounts

I have started a new business and want to invoice from one to the other… The invoice I sent by email never arrived to the sender’s email address (although I did get the CC’d version).

I presumed when I logged into the other QF account (with email used to send the first invoice to) I’d see the invoice there) is it not possible to send an invoice directly to another QF account?

Hope that doesn’t sound too confused!

It is possible to link two QuickFile accounts so that a sales invoice raised in one account is pushed directly into the recipients account as a purchase invoice.

Have a read here:

How to link two Quick File accounts

As for the missing email, this can happen when one server (ours) is sending email but making it appear from another email address. Have a look here for more information on improving email reliability.

Improving email reliability with your own SMTP server or an SPF record