Linking Quickfile and GoCardless


I have set up for our monthly invoices to be reoccuring and the customers have signed up for DD with Go Cardless via Quickfile. Do I then set up on Go Cardless the monthly plan or does Quickfile take the monthly amount, as I do not want to take duplicates.

Thanks for your help.

If you have setup your gocardless account and link with quickfile, actually you do everything in quickfile

Have a look here


Thank you for the details. I have set everything up in Quickfile, so the DD is set up in Quickfile, but when I log onto Go Cardless it shows the client as set up but there is no plan or schedule.
Do I need to set up a plan in Go Cardless or do Quickfile deal with this.
Also will the DD come out automatically each month as it is a reoccuring invoice once a month.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Tanya_McDermott

QuickFile doesn’t set up the plans or customers within GoCardless, it’s just managed within QuickFile.

You can enable “autobill” within QuickFile too, which would automatically trigger the collection by direct debit when a new invoice is generated. There’s more info on this, here: Setting up Direct Debits

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