Linking QuickFile to invoice package

Hello I use a package to issue paperwork to customers and then invoice them. Is there anyway of linking these invoices sent to QuickFile so I dont have to renter all the information to create an invoice within QuickFile?

Which package? There are a couple of third party options (Zapier and integromat) to link various software together, including QuickFile, but it likely needs some support on the sending side as well. Is your invoicing software able to call webhooks, or does it have some kind of scripting capability of its own?


Its a package called Digital Sweeps (for chimney sweeping) on Filemaker 19? Its a royal pain having to duplicate all the invoice entries into Quickfile to the point that i’m looking to end subscription in favour of something that can automate.

Any help appreicated


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Hi Julia,
Filemaker is currently not supported by Zapier and Make (integromat). You could use dbservices to link file maker to google drive. Here is a short video to give you an idea: FileMaker Google Drive Integration - YouTube
If you have your invoices in google drive you could use zapier to link to quickfile.

This all is a bit much I would say. What are you doing on Digital Sweep? Is it just writing and sending invoices and to keep your your customer data? If so, you could easily do all that in quickfile and maybe don’t need to use Digital Sweep.

You wouldn’t need to input every invoice on quickfile. As long as you have an original then entering summary numbers should be fine. For example entering daily or weekly takings under one client. It’s what someone with a shop or selling on ebay would do

Thank you.

Trying to think outside the box here can I customise your invoices to have two separate logos on as I do Chimney sweeping and I also install stoves all through the same limited company but would be useful to separate out the invoices on different templates?


Hello Julia

You can have lots of different invoice templates set up in different formats.

If you have a power user subscription you also have an option for different trading styles.

More information on trading styles in the link below

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