Linking quotes, sales invoices, purchase orders, purchase invoices


As we have grown and I can no longer keep everything in my head, it has become difficult to audit/track/link activity within QuickFile and find the information that I am looking for. To give an example:

I create a quote for laptops and cases and send it to a customer
The customer accepts the quote
I convert the quote to a sales invoice and leave it as a draft
I order the laptops on the quote from one supplier and the cases from another by creating purchase orders and dispatching those
The items start to be delivered to us or the customer and the purchase invoices start to be generated and entered
Once the customer has received everything, we dispatch the final sales invoice to them

If I want to see an overview of all of this activity, I have to click into each item in the chain individually. E.g I want to see the PO reference for a purchase invoice, I have to click the PO or purchase invoice and then go to the bottom to read the notes about how it was generated. If there was an option to add (or it was added automatically) the PO reference to a purchase invoice and then display it as ‘our reference’ in addition to the ‘supplier reference’ in the purchase invoices listing, this would be useful.
Next, there is no easy way to link up a purchase with a sale. If I want to see where a laptop we purchased has been delivered, I can’t just search for the PO number even if the PO number is referenced on the supplier’s invoice. I think that’s one of the key things here - invoices we receive from suppliers usually have multiple references on them: Their reference, our reference and an invoice number. Some suppliers (and quickfile) make do with invoice number and purchase (the purchasing party’s) reference.

I know that you are going to say that tagging is the answer here, and that maybe true, but having to remember to tag absolutely everything is a real challenge. Also, what tag format should be used for this scenario? It has to be unique, but what identifier would be relevant?
We already use tags for specific larger projects for the purpose of profit tracking and also to tag individual customer names on purchase invoices from our suppliers so that we can more easily identify that those 10 laptops from Acme Computers was actually destined for Community College.

I’m getting myself in a muddle and any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure how other finance packages handle this?

Thank you

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