Linking receipts to bank statement

I am uploading my receipts some of them are linking to there respective bank statement parts but some do not and it will not give me the option to link to them, i really need to link the receipts to the bank statement as it causing me to have overdue payments which have been paid

Receipts don’t link directly to bank statement entries, they can only be linked to purchase invoices which are in-turn linked to the bank statement.

That is strange one of my vodafone bills allowed me to link to the statement, how do i tag the uploads without them showing up as overdue money?

When you tag from the Receipt Hub you would mark as paid, the purchase invoice created would then not show as outstanding/overdue.

Hi glenn,

That is strange then when i done that it added it to the bank account as well meaning my balance went down

If you tick the ‘this item has been paid in full’, then yes, it would create a transaction from your bank account too, and therefore affect your balance.

Surely, if Vodafone has issued you a bill then it’s either owed, or it’s paid. If it’s paid, then you’d tag it (like @Glenn) shows above, or if it’s owed, then it would be showing as owed money.

I’m not sure if I see the issue?

I think if you mark it as paid from the receipt hub you can end up with duplicate payments depending on which order you do things in.

Yes it is creating duplicates if it can not match to the bank statement, if it can find one on the bank statement it will not create a duplicate, vodafone linked, but my hostpresto does not, fo now i have removed them but i have feeling i am best restarting and doing it all manually so i can track all my old accounts to. if i was not importing my bank statements it would not be a problem

It will allow you to link to a pre-existing entry on the bank only if the date and amount match.

Ok so it is looking at the date and amount, ok that will be easy to fix, but doesn’t give me the option about you are highlighting but i will try again

Oh don’t be confused by the highlighted text, that is just the name of an entry on my test bank account. I have a bank entry on 7th November “Duplicate Payment to a supplier”.

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