Linking to dropbox

Hi there,
I’m trying to link my dropbox to the receipt hub. I had it linked about a year ago, but changed PCs and dropbox accounts and now I can’t get it to work. When I set-up the integration it says it’s done it, but doesn’t ask me for any dropbox logins/passwords, also I can’t see the app loaded into my Dropbox? Can you assist??
Many thanks

Hi Sharon,

If it didn’t prompt you for any username or password, you were probably already logged into Dropbox in the background. You should at least have seen a Dropbox page confirming the link?

After that you should see a folder in your Dropbox as follows:

\Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts

Do you see this? If so can you try dragging in a file and waiting 5 mins to see if it uploads to your Receipt Hub?

I can see the folder, and manually poll the dropbox but no receipts go through - I’ve put some dummy ones in there?

I also have an Imported folder, but nothing is happening in that either?? What a mystery.

The Imported folder is where the files go that have been transferred to the Receipt Hub. Think of it as a backup.

When you log into do you see the files there? We just need to make sure the files are syncing with Dropbox first before they get imported into QuickFile.