Linking to multiple Dropbox & Natwest accounts

Just wanted to say great product and thanks, that said i would like to raise issues with 3rd party integration or at least ask about supported features.
I have created three Quickfile accounts for each of my companies great no issues with that process, i set up and included a Google calendar which appears to link for all three accounts again without issue. The problems start to show up when using Dropbox and Natwest Bank feed.
i set up dropbox and the Natwest bank feed for the first company and all is well. i then created the other two company quickfile accounts and Natwest chrome plugin works great for logging in on all three companies by changing the account details befoe clicking login but neither of the newer companies will export data into quickfile as it fails to create the download file, but the original still functions. Dropbox is more of a supported question but when i link each account to Dropbox it creates the same folder each time so i assume it will not be easy to identify receipts uploaded for the individual companies? is there a way that Quickfile will support these integrations?

There shouldn’t be any issues linking a single Dropbox account to 3 QuickFile accounts, I have this working myself without any problems. In the default folder created on integration you can add your own sub folders labelled as follows:

Apps\Quick File Receipts\61314####_CompanyA\..
Apps\Quick File Receipts\61314####_CompanyB\..
Apps\Quick File Receipts\61314####_CompanyC\..

As long as each QF account is integrated to this Dropbox account any items moved into those specific folders will get routed to the correct account.

The Natwest Feed doesn’t support multiple integrations and at this stage it’s not something we are planning to support for Natwest. Only when Natwest provide a proper 3rd party feed will we develop this further. We do currently support multiple automated feeds for Barclays.

Thanks Glenn, does the naming of the subfolders need a specific convention?

As long as the folder starts with {account number}_ it will get picked up fine. For example:


More on this feature…

Brilliant, thanks for the help

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