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Linking to SQUARE

I have somehow ended up with two Square accounts on my Quickfile dashboard. I suspect that I have made an error.

I have an existing account with Square, so, to link this up I created a ‘Square merchant account’ in QF and then went to the options to activate the feed which then redirected me to the Square platform for authorisation.

When it had done its stuff, and returned me to Quickfile, Quickfile had set up a second merchant accouont ‘Square Holding Account’ in addition to the original - both have an ‘active feed’ symbol.

I suspect this is not correct. Advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks


I think it is best do delete both accounts and the feeds.
After that go to Account Settings (click it) and click on Online Payment Integration and choose Square on the left hand side.
Click on Connect on the top right corner and follow the steps. This will create an Square holding account with an active feed.

You could also wait until the first transaction comes through and look in which of your two accounts the entry is. Then just delete the other account. But, it is also possible that both accounts will have the same entries. And you have to decide which one you want to keep. This could, however, delete the whole feed, when you delete one of your accounts and you have to start again.
So, I think, to delete both now and start from scratch is the best option.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks, that has certainly worked for me. :slight_smile:

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