List of sales invoices and purchases for set date range

Thankyou thats fine now.
Glenn, I am trialing this program for two bussiness and I need to know any limitations. I am finding it very good and useful, just finding my way around is slow. Can I ask another question please. How can I run off and keep on a spreadsheet, a list of sales and purcheses showing Net, VAT and gross amounts for a set period. This would be essential for my VAT. (not just aged debts with gross ammounts)
I am also finding it difficult to convert an exported file cvs to a normal excel. Any help would be much appreciated.
Kind regards, Alan.

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You don’t actually need to maintain your own list of sales invoices and purchases, Quick File calculates the VAT for you on either the cash or accrual method and provides you with a complete backing report showing which invoices have been considered in the return with the corresponding itemised VAT amounts.

That said if you really want to obtain a list of sales or purchases for a given date range you can open the invoice management area, slide out the advanced search box and set a range here. You can then select all items and click the Export to CSV button to download a CSV file.

You can open an CSV file in Excel and then using the “Save As” option save the file in .xls format.

Glenn, thankyou for your response. How do you get paid for this if its free? when do we have to pay? Isthere a limit to the amount of storage/use?

No problem!

It’s probably best if you have a read here:

Why is Quick File free?

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