List tagging activities


I have selected a series of items to be rebilled as rebilled by adding a new tag “rebilled” and I then started to create the new invoice however my browser crashed and I did not yet saved the invoice. I have no way of knowing which purchases I wanted to refill. Could you show me which tags have been modified today?


Hi @cedev

Do you mean the project tags? Unfortunately the changes for these aren’t logged, so there isn’t a way to see how when they would have been added.

That was the project tags.

Too bad.

Would you have a backup of last week ?

If you have run an on-demand back up, this would include the project tags for you.

I only did setup the backup after making the mistake…

Unfortunately a backup wouldn’t be available for this purpose.

Each sales invoice however would adopt the purchase invoice number as the “item”. It may take a bit longer, but you could use this to identify what has been invoiced for.

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