Listing items without any project tagging

I am using tagging extensively to analyse my projects for P&L purposes. Every invoice and expense is tagged to particular project(s). I am concerned that I may miss the tagging of an item. Is there anyway I can display all items which do not have a tag attached to them?

Sure @deanrmorrison, you can see all tags by selecting “Show Tags” in Invoice Management view:

The only way that I know is to eyeball all invoices and purchases with “display tags” enabled.
It would be a useful feature for us as we also tag everything.

Thanks, but I don’t want to see “all tags”. I want to see a listing of which items do not have tags assigned to them. I use the “show tags” feature religiously.

What @PeterK is suggesting here is that the only way to see which ones don’t have tags is to click that “Show tags” button, you then need to scan the list for ones that are missing tags. Right now that’s the only way to do it I’m afraid.

Hi Glenn, I know exactly what PeterK is saying. I use the “show tags” feature daily (as I have said). I understand that the “show tags” button allows me to scan the items that don’t have tags. This was not my question and this is not a solution for someone with thousands of items.

Your statement that there is no way to identify items that have no tags does answer my question. Thanks for letting me know.

@Glenn - correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t tags added to the account back ups recently? If so, that could be an option? I’m not on a computer at the moment to check

Not on the full account backup, only on the CSV export for items visible on the page… which is probably not a big help here. I’ve logged this on our development planner as it would be very simple to add to the backup routine.

As for the original query here, there’s already an open feature request for this. There’s a bit more work to implementing this but we will add it eventually I’m sure. For now I will close this thread to keep things organised.

If you want to support this feature request, please add your vote on the thread linked to above.