Listing purchases by purchase number does not work

When trying to order the purchase invoices by invoice number, it will list them by starting with the credit notes and then from low to high numbers. When clicking on the arrange arrow once again, I would expect that the order would be changing to high to low listing. Instead, the listing reverts back to date order. Is this on purpose or is this a bug?
We have some clients with 1000s of purchase items accumulated. When trying to look through the latest entries (which are not in date order, so some can be dated back a few weeks/months), this is not really helpful. I could toggle through using the pages at the bottom, but with 50 entries on a page, this could take a long time (even if I can jump 5 pages at a time).
Would it be possible to include a jump to last page at the bottom, or introduce the ordering by receipt number to work both ways, please? If I am missing something obvious, please let me know.

As invoice numbers increase as date increases, sorting by invoice number high to low is the same as sorting by date most recent to oldest.

Not necessarily, as the QFnnn numbers are assigned in the order of entry, not necessarily the order of date. I often enter a stack of receipts for a week or more at a time in batches and they’re not in any particular order, just whichever one happens to be on top of the pile. Sometimes I’ll discover one from last month, or I have some suppliers that send backdated invoices (e.g. our card payment provider sends their invoice around the 7-10th of the month but dates it on the last day of the month it relates to).

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Have you dried to use the search function “Advanced Search” next to +Create New Invoice? May with the help of this tool you can find the invoice you are looking for. I hope that helps.

I have tried that, but if I would like to see (lets say) the last ten entries, than it is not possible using the Advance Search option.

@csaba - I’ve asked a developer to take a look at this, and will come back to you as soon as I hear back.

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