Lloyds Bank Feed Error - Account not found

Never having had any trouble before, I am now having trouble with the bank feed. It comes up with cannot find account xxxxxxxx. Lloyds have changed their layout recently so wondering if this is affecting it? I checked that the account number on the bank area is correct. Please advise.

Many thanks

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Hi @ntlworld

Chances are, if they’ve updated their layout this is likely to have broken it.

I’ll ask my colleague to have a look at this

Everything runs fine on our test account. Also I see a few Lloyds imports via the feed in the last hour. Have you tried going direct to the export screen? Do you see the export to QF button?

I suppose they could be staging their update, i.e. slowly rolling out to some customers. But the fact you are getting that message indicates that there’s no change to the login routine, as you’d need to get as far as the control panel to see that.

We’ll leave this open for others to update if they are noticing a new Lloyds layout.

The plugin for lloyds bank downloads now does not work due to the banks updating its site

any answers to this problem…?

Hi @Zcarsglobal

The new layout was reported a few days ago (see above). It’s believed that it’s being phased in as we don’t have access to it.

Unfortunately, bank feeds aren’t reliable anyway due to these changes. It may be worth just checking out the last section on this guide which explains it:

As soon as we have access to it, we’ll happily take a look, but we have to wait until Lloyds gives us access to it

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OK thanks
yes still not working, will wait until Lloyds give you access.

Hi - Yes I am now experiencing the same issue as a result of changing to Lloyds new interface this morning. Having spoken to their helpdesk, they (rather unhelpfully) are unable to change me back to the old interface again, so I guess my link remains broken until they get round to letting you have access to the new UI. Might be worth posting a warning on the Forum for unsuspecting users…

This is an essential feature to the software to us so its quite concerning that there is no support for this via Quickfile.

Surely, as the banking websites are updated, the plugins that Quickfile have for integration are updated too ?

How long will it be before the Quickfile plugin is up to date with the latest version of the Lloyds website ?

Hi @zcarsglobal

As I mention in my above post (and in the article I linked to above), the plug in relys on the interface of the banks. If this is changed, the plug in will stop working. We don’t currently have access to the new interface - they’re likely to do a phased launch.

There is no reliable way to pull data from the banks unfortunately. As soon as we have access we will have a look and get this sorted. In the mean time, you can download a statement from your bank and import it via the bank statement screen on QuickFile.

I would also suggest giving your bank a nudge about this. I’m aware of a Barclay’s forum where there’s a topic on this, but not aware of one for Lloyds.

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I will Bark at the Bank and see if it gets sorted out !!

I have now Barked at Lloyds IT department.

They have said that they will be dealing specifically,

with the Quickfile plugin issue, within 3-5 working days.

That is to say what steps will need to be taken to allow Quickfile to access the updated website.

When you export your bank statement, do you see the following button?

Right now the account we have with Lloyds works fine with the plugin. Until Lloyds switch us over I’m afraid there’s little we can do. The bank feeds use a complicated pattern matching tool to cycle through the forms and trigger the export, if the page design changes then it will break this pattern matching logic. Lloyds or any other bank are under no obligation to forewarn us about such changes.

Until the banks roll out their own open access feeds, we have no choice but to use these methods, all accounting software applications are in the same boat here.

If you speak to your bank then it’s always worth pressuring them to provide an open access feed, although regretably the person on the other end of the phone is not likely to comprehend the problem.

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This was precisely my experience with Lloyds Yesterday Glenn.

It took 45 minutes to get through to a person who essentially understood the issue.

However as a valued customer of Lloyds of over 22 years, they took my complaint to the highest level.

They have assuered me that they will look into as i mentioned that there are literally many business owners who have suffered the same experience.

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In the mean time we’ll recheck our Lloyds account daily to see when they switch us over. I’m sure once we’re on the new design it won’t take long for us to update things on our side.

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HI Glenn

Just spoken to Lloyds who have said that it is the plugin that is not working from Quickfile.

As i understand it you are now updating the plugin in line with the new Lloyds website ?

Can you let us know when you think the plugin will be compatible with the new version of Lloyds website ?

The option of downloading a .csv file is labour intensive.
On many occasions we have done this with Quickfile,
and there have been multiple errors in the way the .csv file has beeen imported.

Inevitably you would have to check all the entries from our experience so its not a suitable alternative.

Only now have we been migrated to the new Lloyds layout, it’s impossible to fix a problem when you can’t see what the problem is!

All going well we should have a fix ready by Monday. We will need some time to assess the changes.

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Thanks for giving us an idea on Time frame.
We can now plan around that.

Mr Ian Brenchley MD.

We’ve now updated the feed to support the new Lloyds website design. If you’re not on the new design you can log into your Lloyds account and force it to upgrade from the account overview screen… look for a green banner.

To import a bank feed into QuickFile, log into your Lloyds account, go to the statement view and click the option to “Export”.

A dialougue box will appear with a green button to “Export to QuickFile”.

With the new layout we unfortunately had to remove the “Import” button from the feed, it was not possible to support this action on the new Lloyds design. You can still however use the automated “Login” feature and navigate to the statement as per the instructions above.

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