Lloyds Bank Feed (IMPLEMENTED)

Hi Glen im just wondering if you have an update when we can auto import LLoyds statements ?
Kind regards Mark

We’ve put this on hold for now as Lloyds are currently engaged in a rebranding exercise and are moving a number of their products over to the TSB brand. If we complete these prematurely we’d need to do it all over again once they move.

Anychance we´ll get the wheels moving on this again now the split has happened? :slight_smile:

We haven’t forgotten about this. Lloyds are changing their login procedure at the moment to allow users to access their account (in a read only format) without the need for a pin-sentry device. This is great news as potentially we can develop a fully automated feed like we have for Barclays. As soon as they have updated their login procedures we will pickup the development. If any Lloyds users want to give us the heads up when this happens please get in touch!

That’s great to hear. Their login procedure for Business is ANNOYING. Hopefully they implement this soon, looking forward to not having to do the import process myself.



We received some notification on this several weeks ago so it should be appearing soon! It’s a long way off having a full API but it’s certainly an improvement and will give users many more options.

"We’re making it easier for you to log on…03 Feb 14

Many customers have told us they’d like an easier way to log on when they are out and about. So now we’re offering the option for you to use a secret word called ‘memorable information’.

Soon we’ll prompt you to set this up, it’s easy to do. If you use personal internet banking with us you’ll simply use your existing memorable information.

Memorable information is only known to you, so it’s a safe and secure alternative to your card reader or Access Code Device at log on."

Does that mean we are getting the feed soon? :grin:

I don’t think that will happen soon. But we will endeavour to add Lloyds it to the bank feed plugin ASAP!

We’re rethinking our approach with automated feeds, it takes up large amounts of our resources so it may not be something we can continue offering for free. We’ll certainly let you know.

Ah man. Change of tune. :frowning:

Ah well i’d pay for it as long as its comparable or cheaper than the time it takes me per month to do it myself multiple times a week.

Lets hope :smile:

Thanks for responding quickly.


UPDATE: The Lloyds interface has now been updated and we will be looking into this within the next 2 weeks.

Regarding the automated feed, before we consider this we want to iron out any issues with the Chrome plugin, we would very much like to add an automated feed but it’s likely to happen a few months later.

Pleased to say that the Lloyds bank feed is now complete and available to use on version 1.21 of the bank feed plugin.


Lloyds this is amazing. I will try it out tomorrow. Cheers!

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Excellent Glenn thanks for all your continued work on quickfile, utmost respect for a FREE!!! product
Regards Mark

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Glenn have you any idea why the lloyds import takes a while to reach quickfile account ?
Regards mark…

Should take 15 mins max, same with all imports. Is it taking longer than this?

I have two companies under single Lloyds login (appears as two separate tabs in online banking, one for each company). One company I’m trying to use with Quick File but the Chrome plugin cannot locate the account data to import the bank transactions despite having account number and sort code. It logs in OK but then says it can’t locate the data.

The Chrome plugin will only work in one single tab, it will likely cause problems if you have two open at the same time. Does the account number in the Chrome settings appear exactly how it is appearing in Lloyds? Once logged in you can also just go to download a statement and then manually click the Export to Quick File button.

That’s exactly what I did.

When the online banking home page opens it the selected open tab by default is the company I’m NOT using with Quick File. There is no opportunity to select the other (desired) tab because the Chrome plug in does its thing before I have a chance to do anything.