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Lloyds bank feed issues

I have a problem with the Lloyds bank feed. It stopped working a few weeks ago and i managed to restart it but now i cannot.

I have followed the instructions to restart but the option to reconnect is simply not there!

When i go to Open Banking Feeds i am presented with this which tells me to go to the account, go to more options and click activate feed:

However when i got to the bank account and click more options there is no option to activate feed!

Can someone please help, i urgently need my feed back.

Hi @Altius

If you don’t see the “Activate Bank Feed” option, it’s likely to be down to a setting that needs to be changed.

On the account you’re trying to link, if you go to More Options >> Settings, make sure your bank name is set to Lloyds, otherwise we’re not able to tell there’s an available feed for that account. Once that’s set, the “Activate Bank Feed” option should appear.

Thanks for the reply - i found it.

For some reason, quickfile had ‘lost’ our bank details, eg. bank name, account number, sort code. Put them back in and we got our feed back.

But why would quickfile ‘lose’ these credentials when we obviosuly have had them in?

Thanks again

Hi @Altius

With Open Banking, you need to specifically give the bank account the bank name so we can correctly check and offer to connect the relevant feeds.

We have made a few changes recently to make this a bit more obvious.

If you have any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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