Lloyds Bank Feed Not Working

Hi, my Lloyds bank feed has stopped working even though I’ve already switched to their new website - any ideas? Many thanks, Max

Hi @Max

Are you seeing any errors at all?

Are you able to walk me through what you’re doing so I can try and replicate it please?

Hi Mathew
Thanks for your quick reply.
Sorry, I’ve just realised I had replied to the non-reply address!
I’m attaching a screenshot - after hitting the Feeds button I choose the Lloyds option and get that (the import, etc. buttons are missing).
Does that make sense?
Many thanks

Hi @Max

You should see a ‘Settings’ button in the top right. Use that to enter your details and click ‘Login’. This should then enable you to enter a date to pull data from your account.

Hope that helps?

Thanks, Mathew.
I see, so the button is now “inside” the bank website, right?
Kind regards

Hi @Max

Once you’ve updated your settings and logged in using the toolbar for the plugin, you will see an “Export to QuickFile” button show up on your statement pages for example.

Also, check out this article which runs through the process and how to get started:

Just wanted to make a correction to my earlier post - the date range entry has been removed due to the complexity of the page itself. You should still find an “Export to QuickFile” button on the statement page.

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